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Nothing gives us greater pleasure than enhancing our already strong performance. From handling to power to design upgrades, we’re always innovating. As our long time customers know, Manitou is all about starting from greatness and making it even greater. It’s this restless passion to define “what’s next” that has made the Manitou name synonymous with some of the best luxury pontoon boats in the world.

For one thing, we’re constantly researching how our boats work in the water. Then we translate these insights into the higher horsepower, superior handling, and impressive styling that make today’s Manitou your ideal performance pontoon boat. Choose from two different hull configurations, and multiple packages — each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design.

Twin Tube Hull

While the style of pontoon boat may seem familiar, the Manitou twin tube hull delivers performance that is totally unexpected! Capable of up to 130HP on some models, this is sure to give tubers and light skiers a thrilling ride. Unlike other pontoons, every Manitou twin tube is equipped with standard Xtreme Steering, significantly reducing steering loads. Check below deck—we’ve under-skinned the rear of the boat to curtail drag. As for deck rigidity, those double cross-members are exclusive to Manitou. With the exception of the X-PLODE and SES, every Manitou model is available with this economical hull design.

V-TOON® Hull

Manitou delivers a three-tube experience that outperforms all others. The patented technology adds a larger center tube, then drops it down 1.5″ to create a 5.25″ differential. This, plus our lifting strakes, allow for unprecedented maneuvers—no more flat cornering or banking to the outside. Expect better hole shots, improved acceleration, higher speeds, and better stability. Not to mention the pure enjoyment of having up to 300 HP at the ready.

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